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Songs by Yasar

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Results 1 - 21 of about 21 for Yasar.
1.  ??te ?yle Bir?ey Lyrics
2.  ?ark?lar G?zelse Hala Lyrics
3.  ?ste ?yle Bir?ey Lyrics
4.  Ac?tm?yor Sevdan Lyrics
5.  Acitmiyor Sevdan Lyrics
6.  Aldan?r?m Lyrics
7.  Aldanirim Lyrics
8.  Be? Dakika Bekle Git Lyrics
9.  Beni Unutma Lyrics
10.  Bes Dakika Bekle Git Lyrics
11.  Cezayir Menek?esi Lyrics
12.  Divane Lyrics
13.  G?zler Ayn? Sen Lyrics
14.  Gel Benimle Lyrics
15.  Gozler Ayni Sen Lyrics
16.  Kumral?m Lyrics
17.  Kumralim Lyrics
18.  Masal Lyrics
19.  O'nun Vedas? Lyrics
20.  O'nun Vedasi Lyrics
21.  Yapra??n Kaderi Lyrics

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