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Songs by Xdisciplex A.d.

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1.  Age Of Reason Lyrics
2.  All Or Nothing Lyrics
3.  Armachrist Lyrics
4.  Armachristi Lyrics
5.  Baregrounds Lyrics
6.  Blood Feud Lyrics
7.  Candy Apple Lyrics
8.  Christ Shaped Vacuum Lyrics
9.  Counterfeit Lyrics
10.  Death Of Death Lyrics
11.  Eyewitness Lyrics
12.  Falling Down Lyrics
13.  Fight To The Death Lyrics
14.  Final Sunset Lyrics
15.  Heart Strings Broken Lyrics
16.  Little Big Man Lyrics
17.  My Own Way Lyrics
18.  One Voice For Counterrevolution Lyrics
19.  Open Heart Surgery Lyrics
20.  Pray Your Gods Lyrics
21.  Refuge And Strength Lyrics
22.  Revival Lyrics
23.  River Of Life Lyrics
24.  Scarab Lyrics
25.  See Me Through Lyrics
26.  Set To Destroy Lyrics
27.  Shoot Our Wounded Lyrics
28.  So Send I You Lyrics
29.  Stronger Lyrics
30.  Trial By Fire Lyrics
31.  Venomous Lyrics
32.  Yahweh Lyrics

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