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Songs by Walls Of Jericho

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1.  1:43 Am Lyrics
2.  A Little Piece Of Me Lyrics
3.  A Trigger Full Of Promises Lyrics
4.  All Hail The Dead Lyrics
5.  And Hope To Die Lyrics
6.  And The Dead Walk Again Lyrics
7.  Angel Lyrics
8.  Another Anthem For The Hopeless Lyrics
9.  Another Day, Another Idiot Lyrics
10.  Athenian Lyrics
11.  Beneath The Exterior Lyrics
12.  Changing Times Lyrics
13.  Collecting On A Debt Lyrics
14.  Collection On A Debt Lyrics
15.  Day And A Thousand Years Lyrics
16.  Family Values Lyrics
17.  Fixing Broken Hearts Lyrics
18.  Full Disclosure Lyrics
19.  Home Is Where The Heart Is Lyrics
20.  I Know Hollywood And You Ain't It Lyrics
21.  Inevitable Repercussion Lyrics
22.  Inevitable Repercussions Lyrics
23.  Jaded Lyrics
24.  Misanthropy Lyrics
25.  Moment Of Thought Lyrics
26.  More Life In The Monitors Lyrics
27.  No Saving Me Lyrics
28.  Our Fate Ends Lyrics
29.  Overpower Lyrics
30.  Plastic Lyrics
31.  Playing Soldier Again Lyrics
32.  Revival Never Goes Out Of Style Lyrics
33.  Standing On Paper Stilts Lyrics
34.  Thanks For The Memories Lyrics
35.  The Haunted Lyrics
36.  There's No I In Fuck You Lyrics
37.  Through The Eyes Of A Dreamer Lyrics
38.  Try.fail.repeat Lyrics
39.  Unwanted Resistance Lyrics
40.  Welcome Home Lyrics
41.  Why Father Lyrics
42.  With Devils Amongst Us All Lyrics

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