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Songs by Vanna

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1.  A Dead Language For A Dying Lady Lyrics
2.  Country Boys...goddamn Lyrics
3.  Heavens To Betsy Lyrics
4.  Home Lyrics
5.  I Am The Wind, You Are The Feather Lyrics
6.  Magnetic Knives Lyrics
7.  Safe To Say Lyrics
8.  Schadenfreude Lyrics
9.  She's A Real Battleaxe Lyrics
10.  Sleepwalker Lyrics
11.  Surgical Tools Lyrics
12.  That Champagne Feeling Lyrics
13.  The Alarm Lyrics
14.  The Search Party Never Came Lyrics
15.  The Sun Sets Here Lyrics
16.  The Things He Carried Lyrics
17.  The Vanishing Orchestra Lyrics
18.  This Map Is Old News Lyrics
19.  Trophy Wives Lyrics
20.  We Ate The Horse You Rode In On Lyrics
21.  We Ate The House Lyrics
22.  You Were Never Loverlier Lyrics
23.  You Were Never Lovlier Lyrics

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