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Songs by Van Canto

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1.  Bard's Song - In The Forest Lyrics
2.  Battery Lyrics
3.  Fear Of The Dark Lyrics
4.  Frodo's Dream Lyrics
5.  Hearted Lyrics
6.  I Am Human Lyrics
7.  I Stand Alone Lyrics
8.  King Lyrics
9.  Kings Of Metal Lyrics
10.  Last Night Of The Kings Lyrics
11.  Lifetime Lyrics
12.  Lost Forever Lyrics
13.  Magic Taborea Lyrics
14.  Master Of Puppets Lyrics
15.  My Voice Lyrics
16.  One To Ten Lyrics
17.  Pathfinder Lyrics
18.  Quest For Roar Lyrics
19.  Rain Lyrics
20.  Rebellion Lyrics
21.  She's Alive Lyrics
22.  Speed Of Light Lyrics
23.  Starlight Lyrics
24.  Stormbringer Lyrics
25.  The Mission Lyrics
26.  To Sing A Metal Song Lyrics
27.  Tribe Of Force Lyrics
28.  Water Fire Heaven Earth Lyrics
29.  Wishmaster Lyrics

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