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Songs by Valentine's Day

Results 1 - 69 of about 69 for Valentine's Day.
1.  5 Little Valentines Lyrics
2.  A Hug From You Lyrics
3.  A Man And A Maid Lyrics
4.  A Million Love Songs Lyrics
5.  A Promise I Make Lyrics
6.  A Sharp Lover Lyrics
7.  A Valentine Lyrics
8.  All For You Lyrics
9.  Bobby Shaftoe Lyrics
10.  Boy And Girl Lyrics
11.  Can You Feel The Love Tonight Lyrics
12.  Counting Valentines Lyrics
13.  Cupid Lyrics
14.  Daisy Daisy Lyrics
15.  Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful Lyrics
16.  Every Thing I Do Lyrics
17.  Falling In Love With Love Lyrics
18.  Fiddle Dee Dee Lyrics
19.  For Valentine's Day Lyrics
20.  Hart... Loves The High Wood Lyrics
21.  Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman Lyrics
22.  Heart Lyrics
23.  I Am A Pretty Little Dutch Girl Lyrics
24.  I Am Making Valentines Lyrics
25.  I'm A Little Valentine Lyrics
26.  It Is So Nice To Have A Cuddle Lyrics
27.  Just A Boy And A Girl Lyrics
28.  Little Jack Jingle, He Used To Live Single Lyrics
29.  Love Is A Circle Lyrics
30.  Man On The Flying Trapeze Lyrics
31.  Me And My Teddy Bear Lyrics
32.  Mr Nobody Lyrics
33.  My Gal's A Corker Lyrics
34.  My Love Lyrics
35.  My Valentine Lyrics
36.  Nothing Gonna Change Lyrics
37.  Oh How Lovely Is The Evening Lyrics
38.  On Saturday Night Lyrics
39.  One, He Loves Lyrics
40.  Quit Playing Games With My Heart Lyrics
41.  Sippin Cider Lyrics
42.  So This Is Love Lyrics
43.  Someone Like You Lyrics
44.  Special Friend Lyrics
45.  Tell Me Why Lyrics
46.  The Farmer And The Maiden Lyrics
47.  The Hart Lyrics
48.  The Power Of Love Lyrics
49.  The Stepsister's Lament Lyrics
50.  The Sweetest Sound Lyrics
51.  The Words Are Those Of A Rural Woman Lyrics
52.  The Work Song Lyrics
53.  There Was A Boy And A Girl Lyrics
54.  There Was A Little Man Lyrics
55.  Three Valentines Lyrics
56.  Tommy Snooks Lyrics
57.  Under The Bamboo Tree Lyrics
58.  Up At Piccadilly, Oh! Lyrics
59.  Valentine Tragedy Lyrics
60.  Valentine Valentine Lyrics
61.  Valentine Verses Lyrics
62.  Valentine's Day Lyrics
63.  Valentine's Day - Valentines Lyrics
64.  Valentine's Day Song Lyrics
65.  Valentines, Valentines Lyrics
66.  Weenie Man Lyrics
67.  When Jenny Wren Was Young Lyrics
68.  You Don't Own Me Lyrics
69.  You're Just In Love Lyrics

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