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Songs by U-god

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1.  Bizarre Lyrics
2.  Dat's Gangsta Lyrics
3.  Drama Lyrics
4.  Enter U-god Lyrics
5.  Ghetto Gutter Lyrics
6.  Glide Lyrics
7.  Here We Come Lyrics
8.  Hungry Lyrics
9.  Kj Rhyme Lyrics
10.  Knockin At Your Door Lyrics
11.  Lay Down Lyrics
12.  Lean Like Me Lyrics
13.  Night The City Cried Lyrics
14.  Pain Inside Lyrics
15.  Pleasure & Pain Lyrics
16.  Prayer Lyrics
17.  Put It On Me Lyrics
18.  Rumble Lyrics
19.  Shell Shock Lyrics
20.  Soul Dazzle Lyrics
21.  Stay In Your Lane Lyrics
22.  Struggle Aint Got No Color Lyrics
23.  Take It To The Top Lyrics
24.  Tell Me Lyrics
25.  To The Rescue (feat. Leatha Face) Lyrics
26.  Turbo Charge Lyrics
27.  Turbulence Lyrics

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