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Songs by S.h.e.

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1.  Ai Lai Guo Lyrics
2.  Ai Shang Ni Lyrics
3.  Always Open Lyrics
4.  An Jing Le Lyrics
5.  An Quan Gan Lyrics
6.  Bao Chi Wei Xiao Lyrics
7.  Bie Shuo Dui Bu Qi Lyrics
8.  Bo Si Mao Lyrics
9.  Boom Lyrics
10.  Bu Xian Zhang Da (don't Want To Grow Up) Lyrics
11.  Chu Dian Lyrics
12.  Da Nuu Ren Zhu Yi Lyrics
13.  Hao Ren You Hao Bao Lyrics
14.  Hao Xin Qing (just Be Yourself) Lyrics
15.  Hbo Lyrics
16.  Hou Niao Lyrics
17.  Jie Kou Lyrics
18.  Jin Zhong Zhao Tie Bu Shan Lyrics
19.  Lao Po Lyrics
20.  Lian Ren Wei Man Lyrics
21.  Lun Dun Da Qiao Kuai Xia Lai Lyrics
22.  Never Mind Lyrics
23.  Ni Bu Hui Lyrics
24.  Ni Zui Jing Hai Hao Ma Lyrics
25.  Only Lonely Lyrics
26.  Shero Lyrics
27.  Shi Mian Mai Fu Lyrics
28.  Suo Ni Ai Wo Lyrics
29.  Superstar Lyrics
30.  Ta Hai Shi Bu Dong Lyrics
31.  Tian Shi Zai Chang Ge Lyrics
32.  Ting Yuan Wei Ren Tan Ji Ta Lyrics
33.  Tong Kuai Lyrics
34.  What Should I Do Lyrics
35.  Wo Ai Ni Lyrics
36.  Wo Men Zen Me Le Lyrics
37.  Wu Tian Shi Ye Lyrics
38.  Wu Yue Tian Lyrics
39.  Xin Guang Lyrics
40.  Yi Qi Kai Shi De Lu Cheng Lyrics
41.  Yi Yan Wan Nian Lyrics
42.  Yu Zhou Ziaou Jie Lyrics
43.  Yuan Fang Lyrics
44.  Zai Bei Kang Qiao Lyrics
45.  Zen Me Ban Lyrics
46.  Zen Me Ban (english) Lyrics
47.  Zen Me Ban (what Should I Do?) Lyrics
48.  Zhao Bu Dao Lyrics
49.  Zhong Guo Hua Lyrics
50.  Zhu Luo Ji Lyrics

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