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Stay Go Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Stay Go Lyrics

You never stay
You're on the go
Three times a day
Or maybe more

Where you run to
I just don't know
I turn around
You've got the Ford

Didn't put any gas in it
When you brought it back

You're out last night
The night before
And the night before that

Oh, you're starting to worry me
Can I have the car keys back?

In, out
In, out
In and out
Just like a cat

Never, ever stay at home, babe
If you're here it's just to change clothes
This in and out is driving me crazy
Are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?

I'd love to have a date with you
Being my wife and everything

Tomorrow morning
When you get home
You're gonna find
There's something wrong

I sold the car
And hid the phone
So you and I
Can be home alone

Now maybe we can take a walk together or something
That'd be real nice

Stay go
Stay go
Stay go
Stay go

Stay go
Stay go
In, out
Stay go


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