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Songs by R. Kelly

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1.  (sex) Love Is What We Makin Lyrics
2.  (you To Be) Be Happy Lyrics
3.  (you To Be) Happy Lyrics
4.  12 Play Lyrics
5.  2nd Kelly Lyrics
6.  3-way Phone Call Lyrics
7.  3-way Phone Call Featuring Kelly Price, Kim Burrell And Maurice Mahon Lyrics
8.  A Woman's Threat Lyrics
9.  All I Really Want Lyrics
10.  All I Want To Do Lyrics
11.  All Of My Days Lyrics
12.  Already Home Lyrics
13.  Amazing Love Lyrics
14.  Apologies Of A Thug Lyrics
15.  As I Look Into My Life Lyrics
16.  Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby, Baby Lyrics
17.  Back To The Hood Of Things Lyrics
18.  Bad Man Lyrics
19.  Bangin' The Headboard Lyrics
20.  Be Careful Lyrics
21.  Be Happy Lyrics
22.  Be Happy (feat. Notorious B.i.g.) Lyrics
23.  Been Around The World Lyrics
24.  Been Around The World (feat. Ja Rule) Lyrics
25.  Best Friend Lyrics
26.  Big Chips Lyrics
27.  Blow It Up Lyrics
28.  Born Into The 90's Lyrics
29.  Break Up (thats All We Do) Lyrics
30.  Break Up To Make Up Lyrics
31.  Bumbibjörnarna Lyrics
32.  Bump N Grind Remix Lyrics
33.  Bump N' Grind Lyrics
34.  Bump N' Grind (old School Mix) Lyrics
35.  Burn It Up Lyrics
36.  Burn It Up Feat.wisin & Yondell Lyrics
37.  Chocolate Factory Lyrics
38.  Come To Daddy Lyrics
39.  Contagious Lyrics
40.  Country Girl Lyrics
41.  Dancing With A Rich Man Lyrics
42.  Dedicated Lyrics
43.  Dedicated To My Favourite Girl Lyrics
44.  Definition Of A Hotti Lyrics
45.  Did You Ever Think Lyrics
46.  Did You Ever Think (remix) Lyrics
47.  Did You Ever Think - Album Version Lyrics
48.  Dollar Bill Lyrics
49.  Dollar Bill (feat. Foxy Brown) Lyrics
50.  Don't Let Go Lyrics
51.  Don't Let Me Die Lyrics
52.  Don't Put Me Out Lyrics
53.  Don't You Say No Lyrics
54.  Double Up Lyrics
55.  Down Low Lyrics
56.  Down Low (nobody Has To Know) Lyrics
57.  Down Low Double Life Lyrics
58.  Dream Girl Lyrics
59.  Echo Lyrics
60.  Elsewhere Lyrics
61.  Etcetera Lyrics
62.  Exit Lyrics
63.  Far More Lyrics
64.  Feelin On Yo Booty (remix) Lyrics
65.  Feelin' On Yo Booty Lyrics
66.  Feelin' On Yo Booty (hypnosis Mix) Lyrics
67.  Feelin' On Yo Booty-hypnosis Mix F/ Youngbloodz Lyrics
68.  Feelin' On Your Boot Lyrics
69.  Feelin' On Your Booty (remix) Lyrics
70.  Feelin' You In Stereo Lyrics
71.  Fiesta Lyrics
72.  Fiesta (original Version) Lyrics
73.  Fiesta (remix) Lyrics
74.  For You Lyrics
75.  Forever Lyrics
76.  Forever And Ever Lyrics
77.  Forever More Lyrics
78.  Freak Dat Body Lyrics
79.  Freak Tonight Lyrics
80.  Freaky In The Club Lyrics
81.  Gangsta Lyrics
82.  Get Dirty Lyrics
83.  Get This Money Lyrics
84.  Get Up In A Room Lyrics
85.  Get Upon A Room Lyrics
86.  Ghetto Queen Lyrics
87.  Ghetto Queen (feat. Crucial Conflict) Lyrics
88.  Ghetto Religion Lyrics
89.  Ghetto Religion (feat. Wyclef Jean) Lyrics
90.  Girls Go Crazy Lyrics
91.  Girls Go Crazy Feat. Baby Lyrics
92.  Go Low Lyrics
93.  Good Sex Lyrics
94.  Gotham City Lyrics
95.  Gotham City (remix) Lyrics
96.  Greatest Sex Lyrics
97.  Green Light Lyrics
98.  Hair Braider Lyrics
99.  Half On A Baby Lyrics
100.  Hands Of Time Lyrics
101.  Happy People Lyrics
102.  Happy Summertime Lyrics
103.  Happy Summertime Feat. Snoop Dogg Lyrics
104.  Havin' A Baby Lyrics
105.  Heart Of A Woman Lyrics
106.  Heaven, I Need A Hug Lyrics
107.  Help! I Need To Know Lyrics
108.  Hit It Til The Mornin Feat. Twista & Do Or Die Lyrics
109.  Hit It Till The Mornin' Lyrics
110.  Hold On Lyrics
111.  Home Alone Lyrics
112.  Homie Lover Friend Lyrics
113.  Honey Lyrics
114.  Honey Love Lyrics
115.  Hook It Up Lyrics
116.  Hotel Lyrics
117.  Hotel (feat. Cassidy) Lyrics
118.  Hotel (vacation Remix) [radio Edit] Lyrics
119.  How Did You Manage Lyrics
120.  Hump Bounce Lyrics
121.  I Believe Lyrics
122.  I Believe I Can Fly Lyrics
123.  I Can't Sleep Baby Lyrics
124.  I Can't Sleep Baby (if I) Lyrics
125.  I Can't Sleep Baby (if I) (remix) Lyrics
126.  I Can't Sleep Baby (remix) Lyrics
127.  I Decided Lyrics
128.  I Don't Mean It Lyrics
129.  I Like Love Lyrics
130.  I Like The Crotch On You Lyrics
131.  I Look To You Lyrics
132.  I Love The Dj Lyrics
133.  I Mean Lyrics
134.  I Mean I Don't Mean It Lyrics
135.  I Surrender Lyrics
136.  I Wish Lyrics
137.  I Wish (remix) Lyrics
138.  I Wish (to The Homies That We Lost) [remix] Lyrics
139.  I Wish - Remix (to The Homies That We Lost) Lyrics
140.  I Wish(to The Homies That We Lost) Lyrics
141.  I'll Never Leave Lyrics
142.  I'm A Flirt Lyrics
143.  I'm A Flirt (remix) Lyrics
144.  I'm Sorry Lyrics
145.  I'm Your Angel Lyrics
146.  If Lyrics
147.  If I Could Make The World Dance Lyrics
148.  If I Could Turn Back Lyrics
149.  If I Could Turn Back The Hand Of Time Lyrics
150.  If I Could Turn Back The Hands Of Time Lyrics

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