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Let's Buzz Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Let's Buzz Lyrics

Yeah I got a bad ride it can't be denied.
I love to jam it to the floor hear the big motor roar
Well I'm an inch from the ground, speakers all around
Baby can't you dig that sound
So baby let's buzz
Baby let's buzz

I got a rather large amount in a Swiss bank account
I got a penthouse at the Ritz; I bought it with my hits
I own a castle in Spain & a little jet plane
So much money it's a shame
So baby let's buzz
Baby let's buzz

I got a strong constitution and a will to match
You know a thousand dollar wine goin' right down the hatch
I can rock you in the cradle until you scream for more
Baby what you waitin for?
So baby let's buzz
Baby let's buzz

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