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Songs by Pagan Altar

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1.  Armageddon Lyrics
2.  Daemoni Na Hoiche Lyrics
3.  Dance Of The Druids Lyrics
4.  Flight Of The Witch Queen Lyrics
5.  In The Wake Of Armadeus Lyrics
6.  Judgement Of The Dead Lyrics
7.  Night Rider Lyrics
8.  Pagan Altar Lyrics
9.  Reincarnation Lyrics
10.  Samhein Lyrics
11.  Satan's Henchmen Lyrics
12.  Sentinels Of Hate Lyrics
13.  The Aftermath Lyrics
14.  The Black Mass Lyrics
15.  The Crowman Lyrics
16.  The Cry Of The Banshee Lyrics
17.  The Erl King Lyrics
18.  The Interlude Lyrics
19.  The Lords Of Hypocrisy Lyrics
20.  The Masquerade Lyrics
21.  The Rising Of The Dark Lord Lyrics
22.  The Sorcerer Lyrics
23.  The Witches Pathway Lyrics

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