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Love Makes The World Go Round Lyrics

You know love makes the world go round
And love, baby makes the seesaws go up and down
And it makes trees grow tall
And the most important thing of all
It makes a boy and girl, oh
Say they feel so fine, now

Without love flowers wouldn't grow in the spring
And without spring, yeah the birdies just couldnt sing
Everybody needs love
To watch the twinkling stars above
It makes a boy and girl,
Say they feel so fine, now

Oh... love makes you cry, now
That goes for Billy, Sherry, Bobby and Marsha and baby you and I
Oh, I can prove to you
That these facts of love are so true
It makes a boy and girl, yeah
Say they feel so fine, now

Love, love, sweet love love is so good, child
Ooh, it's so fine ooh...

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