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Songs by Occult

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1.  After Triumph Lyrics
2.  And Darkness Shall Begin Lyrics
3.  Crossing The Boundaries (of Life And Death) Lyrics
4.  Delusions Lyrics
5.  Disturbing The Dead Lyrics
6.  Eyes Of Blood Lyrics
7.  Feel The Blade Lyrics
8.  Inquisition Of The Holy Lyrics
9.  Nocturnal Predator Lyrics
10.  Nuclear Torment Lyrics
11.  Obssessed By The Grave Lyrics
12.  One Way Out Lyrics
13.  Passive Relations Lyrics
14.  Prepare To Meet Thy Doom Lyrics
15.  Quest For The Spirits Lyrics
16.  Selfbetrayed Lyrics
17.  Slaughtering The Pigs Lyrics
18.  Slut Of Sodom Lyrics
19.  Souls Lyrics
20.  The Black Are Rising Lyrics
21.  The Reaper's Call Lyrics
22.  Through Dark And Light I Dwell Lyrics
23.  Twisted Words (my Darkest Emotions) Lyrics
24.  Until The Battle Lyrics
25.  Warbeast Lyrics

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