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1.  A Year Spent Cold Lyrics
2.  Better Luck Next Time Lyrics
3.  Clear And Concious Lyrics
4.  Clear And Conscious Lyrics
5.  Control Lyrics
6.  Cover Up Lyrics
7.  Drive Drive Drive Lyrics
8.  Feelin' Sorry Lyrics
9.  Feeling Sorry Lyrics
10.  For Sunday Lyrics
11.  Hold On For Your Dearest Life Lyrics
12.  I Quit My Scene Lyrics
13.  I Quite My Scene Lyrics
14.  It Sounds Prettier In Spanish Lyrics
15.  Life Goes By Lyrics
16.  Magnolia Lyrics
17.  Motionless Lyrics
18.  New Song Lyrics
19.  Panic Lyrics
20.  Someone Lyrics
21.  The Stupid Chad Lyrics
22.  This Was Never Lyrics
23.  Today Lyrics
24.  Waiting Lyrics
25.  We Give Up Sometimes Lyrics
26.  Write Back Lyrics
27.  You Do It So Well Lyrics

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