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How Do You Feel? Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

How Do You Feel? Lyrics

Everyday I wake up and I see what's happening
I see a world that's breaking, that is falling deep within
People that are struggling to overcome their fears,
To this, we see no change
Half the world on a diet, whilst the other fights to eat
Whiteman leaving a Blackman half dead naked on the street
Policeman turns a blind eye whilst walking on his beat
To this, we see no change
Now I just want to wake up, make a change on what I see
There are people with the power, just satisfying their greed
And to those that don't help you, there is one thing I can say
Let your conscience eat you
How do you feel? Word up now people
How do you feel? Be one together
How do you feel? Stand up for freedom
I said how do you feel, how do you feel?
Farmers that were cultivating are cutting down their trees
Forced to sell their land and make houses to suit their needs
This leaves many children without nothing from which to feed
To this we see no change
Whatever are we waiting, when will we get to see
A better world around us, so better for you and me
We will wait for this, we'll wait for this
And to those who don't feel like us,
How do you feel?

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