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Here We Go Again Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Here We Go Again Lyrics

There's nothing I can give to you
I'm a traveling man with a backroad view
Of all the loves you've yet to leave behind
Seems we're standing still
Feel it pull you down
Pounding through your chest
As it spins you round
We are standing on the edge of something new

Hold on to me
Here we go again, here we go again
Do you believe this is how it ends?
This is how it ends
Close your eyes
I swear that we could be
The water's high
But that's nothing to me
Oh no, this heart of mine

Come on darling, don't you leave my side
If we're hand to hand we'll be alright
Everyone else here can see what's going on
With the brilliance of those golden eyes
If you kiss me now
Don't be surprised
I don't have the strength to keep from kissing back


Take a breath for me
I know I can hardly find the strength to speak
And here we go again
Two minutes till the end
I'm counting down what we could have been
We should have been
I'll burn the stars tonight
So I can make it right
And get the chance to say I love you

Oh no, this heart of mine

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