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Nonconsistency Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Nonconsistency Lyrics

Tired of your chameleon ego
Of your endless degradation
I despise your shallow preaching
Cause everything ends with verbal manipulation

You want everything
Living so mandatory
Deny identity
Now answer me what is the point in never being satisfied

Why can't you see
That you are building your own traps
By always thinking about consequences
World is not your own reflection
You are the infection
And I will put you down

Stop using people to cover your lies

I don't believe a word anymore
Your value system is corrupted to the core
Next time when you jump so high
I'll make sure that you lose your ground

Fuck your double standards
Your pointless degradation
I despise your shallow preaching

When you jump so high
I'll be there just to move your ground
Be careful when you jump so high
Next time I will move your ground

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