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Deliverance Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Deliverance Lyrics

...through times and times
I wonder why I cannot find what lies beneath
Your shameless heart
What makes it run and twist my mind, a parasite - why?
... still I deny to accept this guilt
That sleeps inside your lifeless eyes
Take this filth with you, because my pride refuses to die

No more drowning in this endless ocean
Please vaporise to set me free
Exterminate the last belief
That you can take my grace from me

Afraid to lose all that you've got
Bite to keep all that you can
But in your world there are no regrets
You still burn your bridges
In your words there are no regrets
Your greed has no limits

Words be fire like antidote, destroy the filter
No more blind possession, kill desperation with determination
Endless mind games, forever forgotten, close the chapter
Revaluate with open eyes - my deliverance

Revaluate - with my deliverance!

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