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Beautiful Daughter Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Beautiful Daughter Lyrics

Well it's nice in it's way, "Yes", you know, some of it, not uh, not
When they go naked.
Uh, you are obviously not British people, where are you from? "I'm
You're British, you were born in Britain.
Where is you, where? "Stepney"
Stepney. Nice, um, what are your favorite British pop artists?
Um, well I don't have one anyway
Do you like reggae? It's my music.)
There we go, running before we can walk again
Can you imagine the hours I keep
Learning to sleep again, see her face again
Blast the world, fruits of the morning...
Carry the weight of the heart in a storm
Suffer the dawn today, today
*Your beautiful daughter made me younger today
Beautiful daughter, now the darkness hides the tears that soak
The pillow where she lay
Wide awake, lying in wait for the moon to break
Drinking the lake of the dreams that we share
Wanting you there today, today
Can you believe she just dropped in to say goodbye, say goodbye
I'm crying, beautiful daughter give me more, open the door
Pools in her eyes that are bright and deep
Can you imagine the hours I keep
Learning to sleep again, again
Beautiful daughter give me more, open the door
(repeat and fade

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