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You Can't Tell Errol Anything Lyrics

Now Errol's a smart boy who delivered big weed
Says he can get you all that you'll ever need
He got careless and filled his face with greed
20 pounds past the limit 20 miles over the speed

Now Errol is said he was the jack of all trades
He'll walk down under anything as long as he's paid
He got(carjacked)? and he's quick to enrage
Just don't bitch about the service or (crept teed the grave)?

Cause you can't tell Errol anything
Cause Errol knows everything

Now Errol plays music whenever he can
Him and some Friends went and started a prog-rock band
But when they wouldn't always adhere to his plan
He packed up his P.A. and like a bastard he ran

Now Errol claimed his business was fully legit
Swore up and down that he'd never get bit
But incarceration has forced him to quit
Cause Errol the smart boy who wouldn't listen for sh**

You can't tell Errol anything
Cause Errol thinks he knows everything

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