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George E. Porge Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

George E. Porge Lyrics

All the time talking 'bout the inspiration
Best leave off about the rhyme
Along comes a boy
He's filled with adulation
Speculates if now is not the time

She was known to take a drop or two
In the morning
Yesterdays and lazy days the same
Will collagen and fingernails
And silicon adorning
All the boys, they knew her all by name

Now he's a sport and she's a sport
And all the world, they love a sport
And if you got the urge, we got the time
Layin' on her side, it makes her melancholy
She speculates if now is not the time

Now baby's breath and orchids are a
Lethal combination.
When you get that girl
You got to go
And finger pie in April
Leads to penetration...
But June, she's apt to take it kinda slow

HE's born in Beverly Hills but
Raised in Albuquerque
All the little girls, they thought him fine
But George E. Porge, he's kissed the girls and
Felt he's rather kiss the boys
And speculates if now is not the time

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