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Songs by Leo Sayer

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1.  'til You Come Back To Me Lyrics
2.  'til You Let Your Heart Win Lyrics
3.  Agents Of The Heart Lyrics
4.  An Englishman In The Usa Lyrics
5.  Another Time Lyrics
6.  Another Year Lyrics
7.  Aviation Lyrics
8.  Bedsitterland Lyrics
9.  Can't Stop Lyrics
10.  Cool Touch Lyrics
11.  Dancing The Night Away Lyrics
12.  Darlin' Lyrics
13.  Don't Look Away Lyrics
14.  Don't Say It's Over Lyrics
15.  Don't Wait Until Tomorrow Lyrics
16.  Drop Back Lyrics
17.  Easy To Love Lyrics
18.  Endless Flight Lyrics
19.  Everything I've Got Lyrics
20.  Fool For Your Love Lyrics
21.  Frankie Lee Lyrics
22.  Ghosts Lyrics
23.  Giving It All Away Lyrics
24.  Going Home Lyrics
25.  Goodnight Old Friend Lyrics
26.  Have You Ever Been In Love Lyrics
27.  Heart Lyrics
28.  Heart (stop Beating In Time) Lyrics
29.  Heaven Knows Lyrics
30.  Heroes Lyrics
31.  Hold On To My Love Lyrics
32.  How Beautiful You Are Lyrics
33.  How Much Love Lyrics
34.  I Can't Stop Lyrics
35.  I Can't Stop Lovin' You (though I Try) Lyrics
36.  I Can't Stop Loving You Lyrics
37.  I Can't Stop Loving You (though I Try) Lyrics
38.  I Feel A Thunder In My Hear Lyrics
39.  I Hear The Laughter Lyrics
40.  I Think We Fell In Love Too Fast Lyrics
41.  I Want You Back Lyrics
42.  I Will Not Stop Fighting Lyrics
43.  In My Life Lyrics
44.  Innocent Bystander Lyrics
45.  It's Over Lyrics
46.  La Booga Rooga Lyrics
47.  Leave Well Enough Alone Lyrics
48.  Let It Be Lyrics
49.  Let Me Know Lyrics
50.  Living In A Fantasy Lyrics
51.  Long Tall Glasses Lyrics
52.  Long Tall Glasses (i Can Dance) Lyrics
53.  Lost Control Lyrics
54.  Love Games Lyrics
55.  Magdalena Lyrics
56.  Millionaire Lyrics
57.  Moonlighting Lyrics
58.  More Than I Can Say Lyrics
59.  My Favorite Lyrics
60.  My Favourite Lyrics
61.  Never Had A Dream Come True Lyrics
62.  No Business Like Love Business Lyrics
63.  No Looking Back Lyrics
64.  Oh Girl Lyrics
65.  Oh Wot A Life Lyrics
66.  On The Old Dirt Road Lyrics
67.  Once In A While Lyrics
68.  One Man Band Lyrics
69.  Only Dreaming Lyrics
70.  Only Foolin' Lyrics
71.  Orchard Road Lyrics
72.  Paperback Town Lyrics
73.  Paris Dies In The Morning Lyrics
74.  Raining In My Heart Lyrics
75.  Reflections Lyrics
76.  Rely On Me Lyrics
77.  Rumours Lyrics
78.  Running To My Freedom Lyrics
79.  Sad Eyes Lyrics
80.  Sea Of Heartbreak Lyrics
81.  She's Not Coming Back Lyrics
82.  Slow Motion Lyrics
83.  Solo Lyrics
84.  Something Fine Lyrics
85.  Stormy Weather Lyrics
86.  Streets Of Your Town Lyrics
87.  Suki's Missing Lyrics
88.  Takin' The Easy Way Out Lyrics
89.  Telepath Lyrics
90.  The Bells Of St. Marys Lyrics
91.  The Dancer Lyrics
92.  The End Lyrics
93.  The End Of The Game Lyrics
94.  The Kid's Grown Up Lyrics
95.  The Last Gig Of Johnny B. Goode Lyrics
96.  The Show Most Go On Lyrics
97.  The Show Must Go On Lyrics
98.  The World Has Changed Lyrics
99.  There Isn't Anything Lyrics
100.  Thinder In My Heart Lyrics
101.  Thunder In My Heart Lyrics
102.  Time Ran Out On You Lyrics
103.  Tomorrow Lyrics
104.  Train Lyrics
105.  Unlucky In Love Lyrics
106.  We Can Start All Over Again Lyrics
107.  We Can Start It All Over Again Lyrics
108.  We've Got Ourselves In Love Lyrics
109.  When I Came Home This Morning Lyrics
110.  When I Need You Lyrics
111.  When The Money Runs Out Lyrics
112.  Where Did We Go Wrong Lyrics
113.  Who Will The Next Fool Be Lyrics
114.  Why Is Everybody Going Home Lyrics
115.  Wondering Where The Lions Are Lyrics
116.  Work Lyrics
117.  World Keeps On Turning Lyrics
118.  World Radio Lyrics
119.  Wounded Heart Lyrics
120.  You Make Me Feel Like Dancing Lyrics
121.  You Win -- I Lose Lyrics
122.  Young And In Love Lyrics
123.  Your Love Still Brings Me To My Knees Lyrics

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