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Lost Direction Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Lost Direction Lyrics

Don't know what I'm doing here.
(My world of apathy and fear.)
I couldn't even tell you who I am.
Give me a shot, a hit, a drink.
(Just cloud my head 'til I can't think.)
I don't even give a damn, give a damn, no.

What I am, where I'll go.
What I'll be I don't know.
What I am, where I'll go.
What I'll be I don't know.
Oh what a crime,
To be wasted all the time.

Caught between a rock and a hard place.
(Hope has been erased.)
Give me something to drown out all the pain.
Just numb the world, the hate, the rage.
(I wish it all would go away.)
I've made these same mistakes time and time again.

Blindfolded and spun around.
Left to search on the ground.

No answers, just regret.
So I ask, "Am I there yet?"

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