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It's Not Murder (if You're Already Dead) Lyrics

I should have known when you told me I wasn't
A victim like all of the rest.
And I should have known when I gave you that necklace
How the crucifix branded your flesh.
You shred, I bleed.
You crave and feed.
One bite acts quick.
I'm feeling sick.

.38 on each hip.
Come to take what is owed.
Tonight I'll empty this clip.
Though her body is cold.

I'm coming for you.
You fooled me once and won't fool me again.
Gave me nightmares when I just gave you my best.
The legends were true.
You used me like you used a thousand men.
You won't be smiling while this stake punctures your chest.

The holy water sears the skin on my fingers.
I am damned before I seal my fate.
It ends when our final blood red sun has risen.
It begins when the hour is late.

Serrated blade. The scars you made.
Embrace in death. Take one last breath.

Don't say that you never lied to me
Don't say that you never lied
All those nights that you promised you'd die for me
Keep that promise as light ends our lives.

Let me know if you need somebody.
Let me know if you need someone.
Everybody needs somebody.
You're not the only one.

Look through lifeless eyes.

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