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80 On 80 Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

80 On 80 Lyrics

Here I am back home again
On the highway with my friends
Screaming to the songs that make our lives worth living out.
Long ago I'd wished I'd gone
Fuck that star I'd wished upon
I'm living my life between hope and doubt.

To be or not to be.
Decisions plain to see.
The choice is up to me.
I choose humanity.
These friendships that hold true.
My courage lies in you.
Together we'll pull through
We are the strong, the brave, the few.

I'm writing pure redundancies
Like "the cold chill" of Jersey.
What the fuck did I mean when I scribbled down those lines?
Denying the place you call home
Is easier when you're alone.
If home is where the heart is, find my friends and you'll find mine.

And who ever said "You can never go home,
You can never go home."
Now I know, no matter where I go
No matter what I've done
I will never be alone.

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