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L.o.v.e Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

L.o.v.e Lyrics

Im talking about love
All my girls stand in a circle and clap your hands this is for you ups and downs highs and lows and no matter what you should be through. my boyfriend don't mess around the telephone i don't even know where the heck he goes but all my girls we're in a circle and nobody's gonna break through. l.o. l.o l.o. l.o.v.el.o. l.o. ve.oh did you here me say l.o. l.o. l.o.v.e. lo (repeat whole l.o line)i'm talking bout l.o.lo.l.o.v.e im talking bout love will you be my girls for life girls gfor life oh hold up i need another one oh thank you you do too grab my baggot my own money i don't need a boy in the room my boyfriend he be calling on the telephone and i need some girlshelping me get him off my mindwe need another one because we got is all good (repeat l.o. line)love is an eneergy love is a mystery love is mean't to be true love is a part the [part me love is the heart of me love is the best thing girls do (repeat lo line 6 times)

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