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Break Up Lyrics

Lyrics » K » Khleo » Break Up

So you love me... But you wonna leave me?
I-I-I'm sorry I guess I just I'm just not understanding this concept dude.
They told me not to do this... TOO BAD!

So you wonna leave me hot & dry.
You think it's time to end this right.
Said we'd be together forever, so technically you lied.
Treat you like a queen and bought you everything that you deserve.
I'm a full course meal other dudes is just H'orderves.
They ain't filling nothing up, you guess aint order bank accounts
I be running my city so others only run they mouths
I loved you girl, you had my heart inside your hands, though love.
You rubbed it up against that paper with the sand.
I just don't understand, I guess that diss was something that was coming.
Super bad relationship, but you had all of my McLovin.
So you wonna dip, that's cool, another one can replace you, the situation really sucks.
This what happens with no trust, this what happens with no faith, this what happens when you take a girl like you & a guy like me. You quick to be with me also quick to wonna leave.
Now you're known as that dumb bitch girl who left Kle. Hah!
I know I be, gone
I know I be, gone
I know I be, (flirtin with them girls)
I know I be, said I'd be right back, but take too long.
I know I be, saying I be thankful but I don't
I know I be, Making you them promises
Then breaking you're heart again
Telling you she wasn't, who she was
Then we argueing, but babyyyy ( I love you )

I loved you girl, yeah I said yeah I meant it.
Don't wonna get a call next week saying you regret it.
Nope. You made your decision, I no longer have the need deal with somebody who's just too damn hard to please.
Your girls tried to get at me, direct message on the Twitter.
Now that we done I'm getting texts from your older sister.
"Do you wonna hang, she ain't know what she had. I can treat you better, & she always been like that"
So tell me what am I to do cos I'm not looking out for you anymore.
You're out the door panties dropping to the floor you know I'm freaky to the core.
The love that we had was pure, you're pride doesn't have a cure.

Now the liquor starts to pour, now the feelings comin up. Now you calling all drunk saying how you miss me & how you wonna kiss me.
Saying how much you cared saying we're the prefect pair.
Now you calling for your girl
"Please hold my hair"
Yeaaaaaaaaah. Should leave that liquor alone love, you know you an easy drunk, right?
Tried to tell em


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