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Yeah Lyrics

Thatís right
And youíre a ball of a
I want from you
I wonít give up
I canít get all along
And you too
Donít hesitate
Let it go
Let me know baby
Show me
Are going... I tried my best to...

Let me know
Let me know
Let me Go

Help me Help yourself
I wanna give it all to you ,so
Donít make me second guess
I donít wanna play games no more
Be sure Iíve got your back
Iíve never wanted anything more than you
And your sexy body
...Iím looking for a ... like this

Let me know
Let me know
Let me Go

Everything about you about you
I wanna know
Pent up
Love you, Anytime I want to
Let me show you
Let me give you everything I have left to show you
I know where I've loved somebody more than what you'll give to me
You gonna help me, you gotta need me
When I see you everything... care enough to tell me, show me
What if your afraid, too scared
To show me, love me
Like I know you can

Let me know
Let me know
Let me Go

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