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Songs by Kaledon

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1.  A Frozen Dawn Lyrics
2.  Army Of The Undead King Lyrics
3.  Clash Of The Titans Lyrics
4.  Deep Forest Lyrics
5.  Desert Land Of Warriors Lyrics
6.  Escape From The Jail Lyrics
7.  Eyes Of Fire Lyrics
8.  God Says Yes Lyrics
9.  Goodbye My Friend Lyrics
10.  Hell On Earth Lyrics
11.  Hero Of The Land Lyrics
12.  Home Lyrics
13.  In Search Of Kaledon Lyrics
14.  In The Time Lyrics
15.  Into The Fog Lyrics
16.  New King Of Kaledon Lyrics
17.  New Soldiers For A New Army Lyrics
18.  Out Of The Ground Lyrics
19.  Revelation Lyrics
20.  Revenge Lyrics
21.  Sad Destiny Lyrics
22.  Spirit Of The Dragon Lyrics
23.  Streets Of The Kingdom Lyrics
24.  The Abduction Lyrics
25.  The Fury Lyrics
26.  The Holy Water Lyrics
27.  The Jackal's Fall Lyrics
28.  The New Kingdom Lyrics
29.  The Prophecy Lyrics
30.  The Second Fall Lyrics
31.  The Shadow Of Azrael Lyrics
32.  Thunder In The Sky Lyrics
33.  Valley Of The Death Lyrics
34.  War Plans Lyrics

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