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Teenage Years Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Teenage Years Lyrics

Verse 1
This life is harder than anyone ever imagined it could be. Too much drama and a whole lot of wannabes. Going through these teenage years has thrown me into shock. My heart's been broken so many times that I feel like a hard rock.

And in these teenage years I'm going to be hurt, and in these teenage years I'm going to cry, and in these teenage years my heart will be broken so many times.
(repeat twice)

Verse 2
It seems like the one I truley love just walked out the door. Does anyone understand how horrible I feel anymore? But all of us will go through this pain some time or another, and God's going to help me through those times one after the other.

Verse 3
Falling in love is part of life. And getting your heart broken happens some times. But just remember when the pain comes, God will guide you through it with his true love!

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