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Songs by K.d. Lang

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1.  (waltz Me) Once Again Around The Dance Floor Lyrics
2.  (waltz Me) Once Again Around The Floor Lyrics
3.  A Case Of You ( Joni Mitchell ) Lyrics
4.  After The Gold Rush Lyrics
5.  After The Gold Rush (neil Young) Lyrics
6.  Angel With A Lariat Lyrics
7.  Anywhere But Here Lyrics
8.  Barefoot Lyrics
9.  Big Boned Gal Lyrics
10.  Bird On A Wire Lyrics
11.  Bird On A Wire (leonard Cohen) Lyrics
12.  Black Coffee Lyrics
13.  Bopalina Lyrics
14.  Busy Being Blue Lyrics
15.  Case Of You Lyrics
16.  Close Your Eyes Lyrics
17.  Coming Home Lyrics
18.  Consequences Of Falling (lenny B Remix) Lyrics
19.  Constant Craving Lyrics
20.  Constant Craving (live) Lyrics
21.  Cowgirl Pride Lyrics
22.  Crying Lyrics
23.  Curiosity Lyrics
24.  Curious Soul Astray Lyrics
25.  Deep In A Dream Lyrics
26.  Didn't I Lyrics
27.  Diet Of Strange Places Lyrics
28.  Don't Be A Lemming Polka Lyrics
29.  Don't Let The Stars Get In Your Eyes Lyrics
30.  Don't Smoke In Bed Lyrics
31.  Extraordinary Thing Lyrics
32.  Fallen Lyrics
33.  Fallen (ron Sexsmith) Lyrics
34.  Flame Of The Uninspired Lyrics
35.  Full Moon Full Of Love Lyrics
36.  Get Some Lyrics
37.  Golden Slumbers / The End Lyrics
38.  Got The Bull By The Horns Lyrics
39.  Hain't It Funny? Lyrics
40.  Hallelujah Lyrics
41.  Hallelujah (leonard Cohen) Lyrics
42.  Hanky Panky Lyrics
43.  Help Me Lyrics
44.  Helpless Lyrics
45.  Helpless (neil Young) Lyrics
46.  High Time For A Detour Lyrics
47.  Honky Tonk Angel's Medley Lyrics
48.  Hooked On Junk Lyrics
49.  Hush Sweet Lover Lyrics
50.  I Dream Of Spring Lyrics
51.  I Want It All Lyrics
52.  I Wish I Didn't Love You So Lyrics
53.  I'm Down To My Last Cigarette Lyrics
54.  If I Were You Lyrics
55.  In Perfect Dreams Lyrics
56.  In Perfect Dreams (album Version) Lyrics
57.  Infinite And Unforeseen Lyrics
58.  Infinite And Unforseen Lyrics
59.  Infinite Unforeseen Lyrics
60.  It's Happening With You Lyrics
61.  It's Me Lyrics
62.  Je Fais La Planche Lyrics
63.  Jealous Dog Lyrics
64.  Jericho Lyrics
65.  Jericho (joni Mitchell) Lyrics
66.  Just Keep Me Moving Lyrics
67.  Lifted By Love Lyrics
68.  Little Patch Of Heaven Lyrics
69.  Lock, Stock, & Teardrops Lyrics
70.  Lock, Stock, And Teardrops Lyrics
71.  Love Affair Lyrics
72.  Love Is Everything Lyrics
73.  Love Is Everything (jane Siberry) Lyrics
74.  Love Is Like A Cigarette Lyrics
75.  Love's Great Ocean Lyrics
76.  Luck In My Eyes Lyrics
77.  Maybe Lyrics
78.  Miss Chatelaine Lyrics
79.  My Last Cigarette Lyrics
80.  My Old Addiction Lyrics
81.  Nowhere To Stand Lyrics
82.  Once Again Around The Floor Lyrics
83.  Once In A While Lyrics
84.  One Day I Walk Lyrics
85.  One Day I Walk (bruce Cockburn) Lyrics
86.  Only Love Lyrics
87.  Outside Myself Lyrics
88.  Pay Dirt Lyrics
89.  Pine & Stew Lyrics
90.  Pine And Stew Lyrics
91.  Pullin' Back The Reins Lyrics
92.  Rose Garden Lyrics
93.  Save Me Lyrics
94.  Season Of Hollow Soul Lyrics
95.  Sexuality Lyrics
96.  Shadow And The Frame Lyrics
97.  Shadowland Lyrics
98.  Simple Lyrics
99.  Simple (k.d. Lang/david Pitch) Lyrics
100.  Skylark Lyrics
101.  Smoke Dreams Lyrics
102.  Smoke Rings Lyrics
103.  So In Love Lyrics
104.  So It Shall Be Lyrics
105.  Still Thrives This Love Lyrics
106.  Stop, Look & Listen Lyrics
107.  Stop, Look And Listen Lyrics
108.  Suddenly Lyrics
109.  Sugar Moon Lyrics
110.  Summer Fling Lyrics
111.  Summerfling Lyrics
112.  Sunday Lyrics
113.  Surrender Lyrics
114.  Sweet Little Cherokee Lyrics
115.  Tear Drops Lyrics
116.  Tears Don't Care Who Cries Them Lyrics
117.  Tears Of Love's Recall Lyrics
118.  The Air That I Breathe Lyrics
119.  The Consequences Of Falling Lyrics
120.  The Joker Lyrics
121.  The Mind Of Love Lyrics
122.  The Right To Love Lyrics
123.  The Valley Lyrics
124.  The Valley (jane Siberry) Lyrics
125.  Theme From The Valley Of The Dolls Lyrics
126.  Theme From Valley Of The Dolls Lyrics
127.  There You Go Lyrics
128.  This Lyrics
129.  Thread Lyrics
130.  Three Cigarettes In An Ashtray Lyrics
131.  Three Days Lyrics
132.  Tickled Pink Lyrics
133.  Till The Heart Caves In Lyrics
134.  Trail Of Broken Hearts Lyrics
135.  Tune Into My Wave Lyrics
136.  Turn Me Around Lyrics
137.  Turn Me Round Lyrics
138.  Up To Me Lyrics
139.  Upstream Lyrics
140.  Walflower Waltz Lyrics
141.  Walkin' In & Out Of Your Arms Lyrics
142.  Walkin' In And Out Of Your Arms Lyrics
143.  Wallflower Waltz Lyrics
144.  Wash Me Clean Lyrics
145.  Watch Your Step Polka Lyrics
146.  Western Stars Lyrics
147.  What Better Said Lyrics
148.  What's New Pussycat? Lyrics
149.  When We Collide Lyrics
150.  World Of Love Lyrics

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