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To Get To You Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

To Get To You Lyrics

I'd die for you in a house in flames
If you were hurt I'd swim through blood
Up to my knees and up to my head
I'd swim to get to you

I'd climb tall pines to get you
I'd fall of a bridge if that meant love
I'd burn all of my favorite clothes
I'd burn everything to you

I'd sail for miles to a distant shore
I wouldn't need a compass to get there
There wouldn't be a need for large sails
Cause I could pass any storm

I'd face the lake to look at you
And to look is to get to know you
Youve been a mirage when your not there
And you never blur you creep into my dream

I'd walk a day down dim dark roads
I'd run a marathon with my eyes closed
The passion glows beneath my bones
And my heart sings without It's mouth closed

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