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Songs by F.t Island

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1.  A Man's First Love Follows Him To The Grave Lyrics
2.  A Name Called Love Lyrics
3.  A Person Who's Closer To Tears Lyrics
4.  A Song For You Lyrics
5.  After Love Lyrics
6.  Always Be Mine Lyrics
7.  Baby Love Lyrics
8.  Bad Woman Lyrics
9.  Baraem Lyrics
10.  Because I Don't Know How To Love Lyrics
11.  Bing Bing Bing Lyrics
12.  Boy Meets Girl Lyrics
13.  Boys Meets Girl (sonagi) Lyrics
14.  Brand New Days Lyrics
15.  Calluses Being Stuck... Lyrics
16.  Cheondong (thunder) Lyrics
17.  Cling Lyrics
18.  Crazily Looking At You Lyrics
19.  Don Quixote's Song Lyrics
20.  Even For 1 Minute And 1 Second Lyrics
21.  Even If It's Not Necessary Lyrics
22.  F.t Island Lyrics
23.  Far Away Lyrics
24.  First Kiss Lyrics
25.  Flower Rock Lyrics
26.  Girls Don't Know Lyrics
27.  Haengbokhamnida (i'm Happy) Lyrics
28.  Hajimallaeyo (they Told Us To Stop) Lyrics
29.  Hate And Resentment (you Are Love Part 2) Lyrics
30.  Hateful And Graceful Lyrics
31.  Heaven Lyrics
32.  Hopeful Lyrics
33.  I Believe Myself Lyrics
34.  I Hope Lyrics
35.  I Knew From First Sight Lyrics
36.  I Love You Lyrics
37.  I Think I Saw Love Lyrics
38.  I'm Happy Lyrics
39.  It's Love Lyrics
40.  It's Not Necessary Lyrics
41.  It's You Lyrics
42.  Lately I Lyrics
43.  Let Go Lyrics
44.  Let's Get Married Lyrics
45.  Letting You Go Lyrics
46.  Lie Lyrics
47.  Life Is Like A Musical Lyrics
48.  Like A Doll Lyrics
49.  Love Is Lyrics
50.  Love It, Hate It Lyrics
51.  Love Letter Lyrics
52.  Love Lies Lyrics
53.  Love Love Love Lyrics
54.  Love Must Have Come Lyrics
55.  Love Sick Lyrics
56.  Love Sick (english) Lyrics
57.  Magic Lyrics
58.  Make Little Of Others Lyrics
59.  Marry Me Lyrics
60.  Meeting Lyrics
61.  Memorize Lyrics
62.  Missing You Lyrics
63.  Moonlight Angel Lyrics
64.  Not Knowing My Heart Lyrics
65.  One Word Lyrics
66.  Only One Person Lyrics
67.  Please Don't Love Lyrics
68.  Prayer Lyrics
69.  Primadonna Lyrics
70.  Raining Lyrics
71.  Raining (album Version) Lyrics
72.  Raining (radio Edit) Lyrics
73.  Ready, Go Lyrics
74.  Reo Reo Lyrics
75.  Send Away Lyrics
76.  Show Me Your Love Lyrics
77.  Soyogi Lyrics
78.  Stars Lyrics
79.  Tears Are Falling Lyrics
80.  Thanks To You Lyrics
81.  That Thing You Do Lyrics
82.  The Angels And The Woodman Lyrics
83.  The Cool Vs The Pretty Lyrics
84.  The One Lyrics
85.  The Thing I Should Have Continued With Her Lyrics
86.  The Ugly Lyrics
87.  They Said To Stop Lyrics
88.  Thunder Lyrics
89.  Train Lyrics
90.  Treasure Lyrics
91.  Troublemaker Lyrics
92.  Try Pinching Me Lyrics
93.  Tv Radio Lyrics
94.  Until You Return Lyrics
95.  What Can I Do Lyrics
96.  When I Am Asking About Your Well-being Lyrics
97.  Winter's Night Lyrics
98.  Woman Don't Know Lyrics
99.  You And I Lyrics
100.  You Are Love Lyrics
101.  You Are Love (remix) Lyrics
102.  You Don't Have My Feelings Lyrics
103.  You'll Be In My Heart Lyrics

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