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1.  All I Desire Lyrics
2.  Angel Eyes Lyrics
3.  Angel's Night Lyrics
4.  Baby Please Me Lyrics
5.  Baby Please Stop Lyrics
6.  Bad Boy Lyrics
7.  Big Max Lyrics
8.  Billy Jive (with Willy's Wife) Lyrics
9.  Bolero Lyrics
10.  Cat's Eye Lyrics
11.  Cat's Eye (mix) Lyrics
12.  Chico Chaco Lyrics
13.  Chiquitita Lyrics
14.  Cocktail D'erotique Lyrics
15.  Come On Make Love To Me Lyrics
16.  Crying Like A Child Lyrics
17.  Dance With The Vamps Lyrics
18.  Dancing Queen Lyrics
19.  Dangerous Kiss Lyrics
20.  Do It All Night Lyrics
21.  Doctor Love Lyrics
22.  Don't Go Lyrics
23.  Don't Make Me Wet Lyrics
24.  Don't Say We're Through Lyrics
25.  Don't Speak Lyrics
26.  Don't Talk Dirty To Me Lyrics
27.  Don't You See The Light Lyrics
28.  Dr. Love Lyrics
29.  Dynamite Lyrics
30.  Ecstasy Lyrics
31.  En Mon Coeur Lyrics
32.  Erotic Dreams Lyrics
33.  Falling For A Witch Lyrics
34.  Fernando Lyrics
35.  Final Heartbreak Lyrics
36.  Fred Come To Bed Lyrics
37.  Fred Come To Bed (extended Version) Lyrics
38.  Fred Come To Bed (remix) Lyrics
39.  Freedom Lyrics
40.  Fritz Love My Tits Lyrics
41.  Get Away Lyrics
42.  Gimme Gimme Gimme Lyrics
43.  Gimme Gimme Gimme (extended Version) Lyrics
44.  Gimme Good Sex Lyrics
45.  Gimme Your Jimmy Lyrics
46.  Gimme Your Jimmy (extended Version) Lyrics
47.  Give A Little Love Lyrics
48.  Give Me Delight Lyrics
49.  Got To Get It Lyrics
50.  Got To Get It Right Now Lyrics
51.  Gotta Get It Groovin' Lyrics
52.  Gotta Get It Groovin' (extended Version) Lyrics
53.  Heartbreaker Lyrics
54.  Hearts Are A Changing Lyrics
55.  Help Me Dr. Dick Lyrics
56.  Help Me Dr. Dick (club Version) Lyrics
57.  Help Me Dr. Dick (the First Aid Remix) Lyrics
58.  I Feel Your Heartbeat Lyrics
59.  I Want You Lyrics
60.  I'm Horny Lyrics
61.  I'm Over You Lyrics
62.  In The Dark Of The Night Lyrics
63.  In The Heat Of The Night Lyrics
64.  Is It You Lyrics
65.  Is That The Way You Are? Lyrics
66.  It's Just A Little Flirt Lyrics
67.  Jonny Y Lyrics
68.  King Kong Lyrics
69.  Kiss Me Lyrics
70.  Kiss My Lips Lyrics
71.  L.o.v.e. Lyrics
72.  L.o.v.e. (extended Version) Lyrics
73.  L.o.v.e. (sex On The Beach) Lyrics
74.  L.o.v.e. (sex On The Beach) (extended Version) Lyrics
75.  Latin Lover Lyrics
76.  Lay All Your Love On Me Lyrics
77.  Lay Back Lyrics
78.  Lemmings On The Run Lyrics
79.  Lemmings On The Run (extended Version) Lyrics
80.  Love And Sex Are Free Lyrics
81.  Makin' Love In The Sun Lyrics
82.  Mambo No. Sex Lyrics
83.  Max Don't Have Sex With You Ex Lyrics
84.  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex Lyrics
85.  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (extended Version) Lyrics
86.  Max Don't Have Sex With Your Ex (remix) Lyrics
87.  Mi Amante Lyrics
88.  Missing You Lyrics
89.  Molly Dolly Lyrics
90.  Molly Dolly (loves Her Lolly) Lyrics
91.  Money, Money, Money Lyrics
92.  Moonlight Shadow Lyrics
93.  Move Me Baby Lyrics
94.  My Heart Goes Boom Boom Lyrics
95.  My Heart Goes Bumm Bumm Lyrics
96.  Oh Nick Please Not So Quick Lyrics
97.  Ooh La La La Lyrics
98.  Ooh Lalala Lyrics
99.  Please Me Lyrics
100.  Queen Of Light Lyrics
101.  Ralph Don't Make Love By Yourself Lyrics
102.  Rave Me Dave Lyrics
103.  Rock Me Baby Lyrics
104.  S. O. S. Lyrics
105.  Sam Lyrics
106.  Save Me Lyrics
107.  Send Me A Message Of Love Lyrics
108.  Seven Seconds Lyrics
109.  Seven Seconds Away Lyrics
110.  Sex Machine Lyrics
111.  Sex Me Lyrics
112.  Sex On The Phone Lyrics
113.  Sexual Healing Lyrics
114.  Sexual Healing (remix) Lyrics
115.  Sexual Madness Lyrics
116.  Shag Me Lyrics
117.  Shenandoah Lyrics
118.  Shy Lyrics
119.  Skin To Skin Lyrics
120.  Take My Love Lyrics
121.  Talk To Your Girl Lyrics
122.  Tears In Your Blue Eyes Lyrics
123.  Temple Of Love Lyrics
124.  Tempt Me On The Line Lyrics
125.  Test My Best Lyrics
126.  The All American Baseball League (from A League Of Lyrics
127.  The Horniest Single In The World Lyrics
128.  The Power Of Sex Lyrics
129.  The Story Is Over Lyrics
130.  The Winner Takes It All Lyrics
131.  Touch Me Lyrics
132.  Turn Me On Lyrics
133.  Turn Me On (club Version) Lyrics
134.  Untouchable Feeling Lyrics
135.  Veejay The Dj Lyrics
136.  Voulez Vous Coucher Avec Moi Lyrics
137.  Waterloo Lyrics
138.  When I Cry For You Lyrics
139.  When I Lie Lyrics
140.  Who Wants To Live Forever Lyrics
141.  Why Lyrics
142.  Wild And Strong Lyrics
143.  Wild Love Lyrics
144.  Willy Use A Billy... Boy (kcp Remix) Lyrics
145.  Willy Use A Billy... Boy (the House Remix) Lyrics
146.  Willy Use A Billy...boy Lyrics
147.  Willy Use A Billy...boy (willy's Lastest Remix) Lyrics
148.  Winner Takes It All (classical Version) Lyrics
149.  Wish You Were Here Lyrics
150.  You Give Me All I Desire Lyrics

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