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All There Is Of Me Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

All There Is Of Me Lyrics

She's in a hotel where she won't tell
And it's damn well killin' me
If I could find her, I'd be kinder
I'd stand behind her like she used to do for me
My friends say get a grip
But she's just about all there really is of me

She used to hold me, she even told me
I was the only love she'd ever need
And I believed her, then I deceived her
Now I need her much more than she needs me
And it's so hard to admit it
But she's just about all there really is of me

You know it hit me so strong, knowin' she's gone
Just how wrong I've been so long
But I think she'd be amazed
At all the ways I've changed
One more last chance is all I really need

She's out there somewhere, Lord only knows where
And the despair is taking hold of me
If you should see her, and she seems bitter
Please plead with her in defense of me
I've got to get her back
Cause she's just about all there really is of me

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