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Terror In The Haunted House Lyrics

Been 5 days in the haunted house
Can't find my way, way on out.

Faces in the windows.
Bodies behind the doors.
Pleas of help are scribbled
In the dust on the floor.

Whoa oh oh.
Terror in the haunted house.

There's laughter in the rafters.
Fingers gliding down the wall.
There's ghost's pulling heavy, heavy
Chains down the hall.

There's ghouls outside
With their midnite suprise.
While this old Victorian house
Well, she seeks my demise.

Whoa oh oh.
Terror in the haunted house.

Been 10 days in this haunted house.
Still can't find my way, way on out.
Candles on the mantle
Start to light from behind
While the voices in my head
Rub my sanity blind.

Whoa oh oh
Terror in the haunted house.

Never gonna see the light
Break through
These bolted doors.

(You know the old gag
That's all there is to life.
Just a little laugh
Just a little tear).

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