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Starlite Decay Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Starlite Decay Lyrics

Friday night
The drive-in doubles up the fright.
The ghouls attack upon the silver light.

Back seat
The hearse windows are hazed with heat.
Just for tonite, we're gonna starve the light

A little longer.
Just a little longer.

I'm a torn up
Graveyard greaser groping on you.
But don't you know girl
I love you so?

People freak
But baby, don't you even speak.
Don't explain, only call my name

A little longer.
Just a little longer.

(sax break) oo la la.

I know it's cold.
I know it's late.
We should be sleeping in our graves
But let's stay and starve the light
A little while - longer.

We're dead as Death upon the screen
But Death can't even match our gleam.
Baby, won't you call that evil name of mine

A little longer.
Just a little longer.

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