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My Bloody Valentine Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

My Bloody Valentine Lyrics

I've got a present for you, open it carefully,
Go ahead darling take you time.
And as you're wondering I grab your pretty head,
Decapitating you from behind.

And as your body's falling lifeless to the floor,
The smile fades from your lips in red

My bloody valentine
Yeah she's all mine.
Ooooh little baby won't you be
My bloody valentine?
Yeah one last time,
Ooooh little baby won't you be
My bloody valentine?

Crimson stains now seeping through your clothes,
Com'on darling close your eyes.
Stone cold little bitch now she's growing cold,
Marking this occasion with your life.

Killing you was the perfect crime,
Do it to me all night on more time,
(repeat chorus)

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