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Carve Out A Heart Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Carve Out A Heart Lyrics

I've cut too deep this time
Now there is no chance left
For all this blood to dry
Enshrined your picture in my red
Such a sick elegance
I've found there in your eyes
It takes too long for regret
To be soothed by my knife

And I'll wait for you and I'll be fine
And slash at my pain with pride
I'll let you tell me lies alone
And carve out a heart to cry

Quiet seems loud today
And I beg for one last kiss
Now mis'ry's so misplaced
And it has to be like this?
You were my one true end
Nd'I sit here in disgrace
My wounds shall bleed again
And this flesh will bare your name.


(repeat chorus)
And carve out a heart to cry....(x5)

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