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Songs by Albert Collins

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1.  Ain't Got Time Lyrics
2.  All About My Girl Lyrics
3.  Baby What You Want Me Ti Do/rock Me Baby Lyrics
4.  Bending Like A Willow Tree Lyrics
5.  Blue Monday Hangover Lyrics
6.  Blues For Gabe Lyrics
7.  Brick Lyrics
8.  Broke Lyrics
9.  But I Was Cool Lyrics
10.  Cash Talkin' (the Workingman's Blues) Lyrics
11.  Cold Cuts Lyrics
12.  Cold, Cold Feeling Lyrics
13.  Conversation With Collins Lyrics
14.  Do What You Want To Do Lyrics
15.  Don't Go Reaching Across My Plate Lyrics
16.  Don't Mistake Kindness For Weakness Lyrics
17.  Dyin' Flu Lyrics
18.  Ego Trip Lyrics
19.  Get To Gettin' Lyrics
20.  Give Me My Blues Lyrics
21.  Good Fool Is Hard To Find Lyrics
22.  Got A Good Thing Goin' Lyrics
23.  Head Rag Lyrics
24.  Honey Hush Lyrics
25.  Honey Hush - Albert Collins Lyrics
26.  Hooked On You Lyrics
27.  I Ain't Drunk Lyrics
28.  I Got A Problem Lyrics
29.  I Need You So Lyrics
30.  I'm Beginning To Wonder Lyrics
31.  Iceman Lyrics
32.  If Trouble Was Money Lyrics
33.  If You Love Me Like You Say Lyrics
34.  Jam It Up Lyrics
35.  Jealous Man Lyrics
36.  Light's Are On But Nobody's Home [version] Lyrics
37.  Lights Are On But Nobody's Home Lyrics
38.  Listen Here Lyrics
39.  Master Charge Lyrics
40.  Melt Down Lyrics
41.  Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins Lyrics
42.  Mrcollins, Mrcollins [faded Version] Lyrics
43.  My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me Lyrics
44.  Put The Shoe On The Other Foot Lyrics
45.  Put The Shoe On The Other Foot [version] Lyrics
46.  Put Your Shoe On The Other Foot Lyrics
47.  Quicksand Lyrics
48.  Same Old Thing Lyrics
49.  Same Old Thing [version] Lyrics
50.  She's Into Something Lyrics
51.  Snatchin' It Back Lyrics
52.  Snowed In Lyrics
53.  Soul Food Lyrics
54.  Stormy Monday Lyrics
55.  T-bone Shuffle Lyrics
56.  The Hawk Lyrics
57.  The Highway Is Like A Woman Lyrics
58.  The Moon Is Full Lyrics
59.  The Things That I Used To Do Lyrics
60.  Things I Used To Do Lyrics
61.  Tired Man Lyrics
62.  Too Many Dirty Dishes Lyrics
63.  Too Tired Lyrics
64.  Trash Talkin' Lyrics
65.  Travelin' South Lyrics
66.  When A Guitar Plays The Blues Lyrics
67.  When The Welfare Turns Its Back On You Lyrics

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