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The Art Of Sharing Lovers Lyrics

The wolves are coming out tonight
Don't say you heard this coming
The wolves are coming out tonight
Oh boy you best be running
They say they saw her on the streets
They say they saw her on her knees
I hear there's been more to offer then the scent under her dress
We've been sharing lovers for far too long
This isn't a last goodnight
And we'll be sleeping 'til our bodies have run cold again
But you're just that suitable
For most to lay their hands upon
But you've made this just so simple
Its just like playing doctor with the dead
They just might say you're the best they ever had
I'm not afraid I loved something once
"are we fighting for something" we can't save them all
I can't believe you we let this one go , "I'm gone"
I'll be making headlines if they find the body
As I attempt to erase the past
This is the moment where true passion is moving on
And I respect your dedication
This is the art
Of sharing lovers
I have swam in the pools of your past
Through the tides of lies running through your hair
And since I reached shore it seems I've been washed clean
Leaving you is purity

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