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Songs by Halfwayhome

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1.  A Pilot And A Bleeding Heart Lyrics
2.  Acension To Clarity Lyrics
3.  Architect Of My Demise Lyrics
4.  As I Lay Dying Lyrics
5.  As The Moment Passes By Lyrics
6.  Ascension To Clarity Lyrics
7.  Contract With A Ghost Lyrics
8.  Crushed By The Best Texas Ever Had To Offer Lyrics
9.  End Over Lyrics
10.  For Tomorrow We Die Lyrics
11.  Four Months Until The Swarm Lyrics
12.  I Can't Hear You Whisper Lyrics
13.  Ignited Eyes And Cyanide Lyrics
14.  My Best Chaser Lyrics
15.  Number One With A Bullet Lyrics
16.  On The Passing Of Fairytale Heroes Lyrics
17.  Open The Sky Lyrics
18.  Quicksand Lyrics
19.  The Truth Can Be A Brutal Business Lyrics
20.  Victory At Five Lyrics
21.  What Part Of Forever Don't You Understand? Lyrics

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