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Songs by Haggard

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Results 1 - 45 of about 45 for Haggard.
1.  A Midnight Gathering Lyrics
2.  A Midnight Gathering (outro) Lyrics
3.  Al'inizio La Morte Lyrics
4.  All'inizio E La Morte Lyrics
5.  And The Dark Night Entered Lyrics
6.  Awaking The Centuries Lyrics
7.  Chapter I - Tales Of Ithiria Lyrics
8.  Chapter I: The Day As Heaven Wept Lyrics
9.  Chapter Ii - Upon Fallen Autumn Leaves Lyrics
10.  Chapter Ii: Origin Of A Crystal Soul Lyrics
11.  Chapter Iv - The Sleeping Child Lyrics
12.  Chapter Iv: De La Morte Noire Lyrics
13.  Chapter V - The Hidden Sign Lyrics
14.  Chapter V: Lost (robin's Song) Lyrics
15.  Charity Absurd Lyrics
16.  Daddy Was Her First Man Lyrics
17.  Dady Was Her First Man Lyrics
18.  De La Morte Noire Lyrics
19.  Eppur Si Muove Lyrics
20.  Final Victory (live) Lyrics
21.  From Deep Within Lyrics
22.  Haggard- Awaking The Centuries Lyrics
23.  Heavenly Damnation Lyrics
24.  Herr Mannelig Lyrics
25.  Herr Mannelig (long Version) Lyrics
26.  Herr Mannelig (short Version) Lyrics
27.  Hijo De La Luna Lyrics
28.  Iii - La Terra Santa Lyrics
29.  In A Fullmoon Procession Lyrics
30.  In A Pale Moon's Shadow Lyrics
31.  Incapsuled Lyrics
32.  Lost (robin's Song) Lyrics
33.  Mind Mutilation Lyrics
34.  Of A Might Divine Lyrics
35.  On These Endless Fields Lyrics
36.  Origin Of A Crystal Soul Lyrics
37.  Outro: A Midnight Gathering Lyrics
38.  Per Aspera Ad Astra Lyrics
39.  Pestilencia Lyrics
40.  Progressive Lyrics
41.  Prophecy Fulfilled Lyrics
42.  The Day As Heaven Wept Lyrics
43.  The Final Victory Lyrics
44.  The Observer Lyrics
45.  n A Fullmoon Procession Lyrics

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