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Songs by Anterrabae

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1.  A Shovel For Arch Stanton Lyrics
2.  Ca Speech Goodbye Lyrics
3.  Clever Shoplifting Tactics Lyrics
4.  Curfews, Alcohol, And Other Jealousy Related Incidents Lyrics
5.  Dressed To Thrill Lyrics
6.  Empress Of One (anti-rock Revolution) Lyrics
7.  Engage Catch Phrase Lyrics
8.  Etcetera Lyrics
9.  Her Face Was A Study In Martyred Innocence Lyrics
10.  How Joey Got His Groove Back Lyrics
11.  I Lifted Her Dress Over Her Head And Unscrewed Her Leg Lyrics
12.  Mending Tones From Vowels And Frowns Lyrics
13.  My Wrists Are Rivers, My Fingers Are Words Lyrics
14.  Nevertheless She Was A Mess Lyrics
15.  Pink & Tender Lyrics
16.  Ready Set Explode Lyrics
17.  Stay Moist Lyrics
18.  The Filthy Habits Of Ex. Lovers Lyrics
19.  The Hands Of Christ Are Beautiful Hands Lyrics

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