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Retaliate Lyrics @ NitroLyrics.com

Retaliate Lyrics

Clenching my fist, holding it in. can't keep up the gaurd, I must break within. I've kept to myself, obeyed my script. now I've violated into a boiling fit. I've givin fair warning, best known to en
You. you wish to challenge my anger, I wish to prove you untrue. I've set no room for lost untrue memories of how it was then from those who lived. step back new jack. it would have been wiser t
E kept you in check. destroying the cahnce of you crossing the line. retaliate, step back new jack. take this advice, retreat off my tracks. build your own life, don't live off my past. for in th
Ture I'll play a new role. excluding freeloaders, I've set a new goal. I've given fair warning, best known to enforce you. you wish to challenge my anger, I wish to prove you untrue. you'll never k
He load of shit you dug throughout time. I could never ever sleep at night with you in my mind. I don't live a life full of lies. you built your own wall to break. I always had a lot to give and
Ou did was take. I wont live
A life full of lies.

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