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Songs by Agalloch

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1.  ...and The Great Cold Death Of The Earth Lyrics
2.  A Desolation Song Lyrics
3.  A Poem By Yeats Lyrics
4.  As Embers Dress The Sky Lyrics
5.  Dead Winter Days Lyrics
6.  Hallways Of Enchanted Ebony Lyrics
7.  I Am The Wooden Doors Lyrics
8.  In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion Lyrics
9.  Kneel To The Cross Lyrics
10.  Of Stone, Wind, And Pillor Lyrics
11.  She Painted Fire Across The Skyline Lyrics
12.  The Melancholy Spirit Lyrics
13.  The Mishapen Steed Lyrics
14.  The Wilderness Lyrics
15.  This Old Cabin Lyrics
16.  You Were But A Ghost In My Arms Lyrics

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