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Songs by Aeternus

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1.  ...and So The Night Became Lyrics
2.  As I March Lyrics
3.  Ascension Of Terror Lyrics
4.  Black Dust Lyrics
5.  Blodsverging Lyrics
6.  Burning The Shroud Lyrics
7.  Cuchulain Lyrics
8.  Dark Rage Lyrics
9.  Darkstorm Lyrics
10.  Death's Golden Truth Revealed Lyrics
11.  Denial Of Salvation Lyrics
12.  Descent To The Underworld Lyrics
13.  Embraced Lyrics
14.  Genocide Delight Lyrics
15.  Ild Dans Lyrics
16.  Litany Of Ra Lyrics
17.  Possessed By The Serpents Vengeance Lyrics
18.  Prophecy Of The Elder Reign Lyrics
19.  Raven And Blood Lyrics
20.  Resurrection Lyrics
21.  Seen Through Abhorrent Eyes Lyrics
22.  Sentinels Of Darkness Lyrics
23.  Slavestate Lyrics
24.  Slaying The Lambs Lyrics
25.  Sons Of War Lyrics
26.  Soulslayer Lyrics
27.  Sword Of The Earth Lyrics
28.  Sworn Revenge Lyrics
29.  The Essence Of The Elder Lyrics
30.  The Lair Of Anubis Lyrics
31.  The Summoning Of Shadows Lyrics
32.  The Trident Lyrics
33.  There's No Wine Like The Blood's Crimson Lyrics
34.  To Enter The Realm Of Legend Lyrics
35.  Under The Eternal Blackended Sky Lyrics
36.  Under The Eternal Blackened Sky Lyrics
37.  Victory Lyrics
38.  Vind Lyrics
39.  Waiting For The Storms Lyrics
40.  Warlust Lyrics
41.  Warrior Of The Crescent Moon Lyrics
42.  Warrior Of The Cresent Moon Lyrics
43.  When The Crow's Shadow Falls Lyrics
44.  White Realm Lyrics
45.  Winter Tale Lyrics
46.  Wrath Of The Warlord Lyrics

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